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Feeling dipped in autumnal blues? Try these 6 Ayurvedic remedies for rejuvenation

Yogigems Golden Milk
Rejuvenating golden milk on Jen’s ellie cushion shrine

In autumn, the air tattva (element) is strong. It’s dry, windy and cold. And when the air tattva out balances the others, we are prone to feeling unstable, uncentred,  unfocused and chilly. Add to the mix a pinch of stress and we dry up, emotionally and physically. Ayurveda tells us to counteract this with remedies and lifestyle choices that embody the opposite qualities to the air tattva; choices that rejuvenate and warm us rather than shrivel us up.

1 Establish a routine
Eat regular meals and develop a steady sleep pattern. This allows the body to settle and heal itself. Every day, make a commitment to massage the body – or at the very least the feet and face – with almond oil. Rub the oil vigorously between your palms to warm it before applying it. Bring more compassion and warmth to your body, treat yourself lovingly, kindly and gently. And of course, choose rejuvenating foods… 

2 Basmati rice is best
Choose rice as your go-to healer and internal cleanser. No matter what your dosha (body type), rice rejuvenates. It increases ojas (your ‘life juice’) and brings soothing moisture into your body. Basmati is the best!
To add nutritional value to your rice, add green mung beans to make kitcheree (recipe and countless benefits here!). Broccoli and asparagus are great rejuvenating veggies to add. If you’ve just given birth, a 40-day mono diet of kitcheree will help you regain your strength and vitality. Be sure to add in the spices below.

3 Cook with rejuvenating spices
Cook with turmeric, caraway seeds, cumin and nigella seeds. The holy trinity of onion, garlic and ginger are of course on the list although they can act as an aphrodisiac and a rampant sex life can offset the gains of rejuvenation. Right now, we’re cultivating introspective, still, quiet, ‘yin’ energy.

Tattva Balance Beyond Stress and Duality4 Try the Tattva Balance Beyond Stress And Duality Meditation
A beautiful way to establish a grounding, rejuvenating routine is to practise a daily meditation. This kundalini yoga one from the Aquarian Teacher Manual to balance the five elements within the body and brain is a winner. It only takes three minutes (build up to 11 if you have some time to spare), and the calming, centering, equalising effects are so worth it.

5 Add honey to your tea
Ayurveda holds raw honey in high regard. Its sweet taste is supremely rejuvenating to our body and spirit. Because it has already been processed by the bees, honey is considered to be pre-digested, so it’s easily absorbed. So add a spoonful to your cosy cuppa of yogi tea – enjoy the homemade recipe here. And honey in golden milk is pure gold.

6 Try this sweet treat
Make a pudding with rice and milk, adding dates, honey and mango to sweeten it. An utterly delicious rejuvenating dessert that gives you a hug from the inside. 

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