Reflections on commissioning a personalised numerology mala for my kundalini yoga practice

numerology mala

This year’s White Tantric Yoga was a big one. It stands apart from the eight or so others (not that I’m counting!) as one of the easiest (as in, least physically challenging), and also one of the deepest. Following White Tantric Yoga, … Continue reading

When to quit on a 40-day kriya: My short and not-so-sweet journey of Breath of Fire with Lion’s Paws

Breath of Fire with Lion's Paws

I’ve been going through a tough time, lately. During my twenties, I suffered with depression – not clinically, just the kind of sadness, lostness, flatness that most of us experience at some point in our life. Once I landed in … Continue reading

Kundalini yoga’s secret ingredient of attraction: Saibhung


One of the magic ingredients we get from practising kundalini yoga is “saibhung”. It’s a Gurmukhi word that means self-existent. With a consistent yoga practice, we develop for ourselves an unshakeable reliance on our inner strength, a deep knowledge of our own … Continue reading