What happened during 40 days of Kirtan Kriya…

Gemma Bliss kirtan kriya

My friend is soon to embark on a journey into plant medicine in Peru. She chose to prepare for it with kundalini yoga, and what better preparation than a daily practice of Kirtan Kriya – the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.  With an … Continue reading

How to prepare for a 2.5 hour Kirtan Kriya meditation…


It was one of my favourite kundalini yoga teachers, Sat Dharam Kaur, who inspired me to try a 2.5 hour Kirtan Kriya. This was her first ever taste of kundalini yoga (insert wide-eyed emoji!), and I love the way she talks … Continue reading

The road out of fury: 90 days of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves, by Ram Nam Singh

Meditation For A Strong Mind And Calm Nerves

I didn’t realise I was an angry person. It took a kundalini meditation for me to see it. It was during the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Stress And Vitality module. We did the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of the SuperHealth Meditation…

Superhealth meditation Surinder Singh

One of our assignments for the naad yoga (yoga of sound) training is a daily 17-minute pranayama sequence (instructions below). Prof Surinder Singh (pictured right) calls it the SuperHealth Meditation, and what better time to put to the test its bold promises of action-hero … Continue reading