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Building the momentum of abundance with 120 days Sobagh Kriya

Well, we haven’t budged from our Sobagh Kriya sadhana! It has spilled beyond the 120-day mark now, but Nish and I are happily bobbing along with it and relishing the process. It feels very comforting to be riding the Sobagh Kriya wave in this way. We have no idea about how long we’ll run with it for – we’re simply enjoying the journey.

And it is a fun ride! It’s surprising to see how the energy of prosperity manifests for us both in different ways. I mentioned in a post some time back that whenever Nish does Sobagh Kriya, he finds literal money around him. He just has to look down and he’ll see coins on the pavement! It has become something of an in-joke.

For me, it is a little more subtle. The prosperity manifests as a radiance that brings to me myriad of opportunities, a feeling of wellbeing and fullness, a creative spirit, a joie de vivre.

In these two individual experiences of 120 days Sobagh Kriya I think lies the essence of prosperity. It manifests physically – financially and new projects and invitations – yes, but this is not the full magic of it. That comes in the feeling of prosperity, where there is complete trust that opportunity will knock in wonderfully imaginative ways.

Thank you, as always, Sobagh Kriya!

Sat nam x

(Just as a post-script, I wrote this Sobagh Kriya post at the end of December and forgot to hit publish! I have backdated the publishing date. We have since moved onto the delightful Kriya of Elevation, an experience of which I will be sharing soon! I am loving that marriage seems to have drawn us together into a very close yoga practice!)

3 years ago