Using crystal healing with Isht Sodhana Kriya

Isht Sodhana Kriya

I love the Isht Sodhana Kriya (instructions below). I love the feeling of groundedness and connectedness it brings and I teach this tantric meditation often in my classes. One student resonated so deeply with it that she decided to take it on … Continue reading

Feeling dipped in autumnal blues? Try these 6 Ayurvedic remedies for rejuvenation

Golden milk yogigems

In autumn, the air tattva (element) is strong. It’s dry, windy and cold. And when the air tattva out balances the others, we are prone to feeling unstable, uncentred,  unfocused and chilly. Add to the mix a pinch of stress and we dry … Continue reading

Beyond Teacher Training: How technology can help us teach kundalini yoga, by Ram Nam Singh

Ram Nam Mauro Corso

Being a kundalini yoga teacher can be challenging. Even with our own yoga and meditation practice to sustain us, at the end of the day (or at the very beginning, in the case of leading a sadhana), it all boils … Continue reading