Homemade winter yogi tea

It’s super-chilly in London, so I whipped up a batch of fresh spiced yogi tea before I set out to…

4 years ago

Raw beetroot ravioli

The art and yoga workshop this weekend was a pirouette of loveliness – studying the contours of the external world…

4 years ago

How to keep your heart chakra open

As autumn wraps us up in serious brrrrr, the tendency is to shut down and retreat into ourselves – physically with hands stuffed…

4 years ago

Meeting Sat Dharam Kaur

Our trip to Ontario had a lot of highlights – what a deliciously beautiful part of the world. But one…

5 years ago

Who teaches the yoga teacher?

When I first started practicing yoga, I assumed that my yoga teacher – perched as she was in a lofty…

6 years ago

Happy birthday, Yogi B!

It’s 26th August – Yogi Bhajan’s birthday! It’s thanks to Yogi B that we even have kundalini yoga – along…

6 years ago