Kundalini yoga classes

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When: Sundays 25 July & 2 July 2017, 10-11:15am
Where: Wonderful You Yoga, Lord St, Southport, UK
Price: £5
Book your place: wonderfulyouyoga.com

What to expect: Come to kundalini yoga classes wearing comfy clothes appropriate for movement. We’ll begin the class by tuning in with the mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ – I bow to the guru within me, followed by a protective mantra, ‘Ad gurey nameh, Jugad gurey nameh, Sat gurey nameh, Siri guru devey nameh’. Don’t worry if you don’t know the mantras, you’ll soon learn them as you come along to more classes. We then do a kriya for whatever theme we’re focusing on that day. A kriya (which literally means ‘cleansing’) is a specific group of exercises that contain any combination of movements, breathwork, mantras, music and mudras (hand gestures). Some of it’s tough, some of it’s easy, but it’s always a journey into a greater awareness of yourself. After doing the kriya, we have a long relaxation. We usually end kundalini yoga classes with a meditation. Then we tune out with a blessing and by chanting ‘Sat Nam’ three times – it means ‘Truth is my name’.

Can’t make it? For private/corporate classes, click here

What you say: “Gemma Bliss is the best yoga teacher I’ve had. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can literally go through her classes with your eyes shut – she explains everything perfectly and gives you an insight into why you are doing a certain pose – the physiological and psychological benefits to it. She makes you feel comfortable and able to ask for help at any time, but also helps you to explore your limits and improve in each class.” Jennifer S, News Editor

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