Subagh Kriya

What happened in 40 days of Subagh Kriya for prosperity

So, here we go, 40 days of Subagh Kriya (short version, three minutes each part) for prosperity, tagged elegantly on to the end of my 40 days of the Opportunity And Green Energy Set in January/February (more about that here)… See what I’m doing with my year so far?

The times that Nishad and I have done Subagh Kriya (aka Sobagh Kriya) before have always borne fruit – it’s a juicy ‘lil kriya, this one. Nish will inevitably find cash everywhere he goes – a tenner on the street, bigger tips for his massage treatments, unexplained
rogue notes lurking joyfully at the bottom of his bag. For me, it’s more about opportunity knocking. And as usual, these 40 days of Subagh Kriya didn’t disappoint. I found my manifesting abilities took on superhero status; if I mentioned it, it materialised in beautifully synchronistic ways – friends, writing projects, um, chocolate.

My favourite example: Nish and I were chatting about the moon on our way home – it wasn’t a full/new moon night, just a random conversation – and a minute later, we walked past a guy with a telescope in his garden, who invited us in to look at the moon through it. Firstly, when do you come across a mega moon telescope? And secondly, who in London invites two complete strangers to come and look through said moon telescope?! BTW, it was breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL.

That good old ‘HAR’ mantra that’s so prevalent in Subagh Kriya works wonders for activating the manifesting potential of the navel, connecting it with the power of the spoken word. Speak and it shall manifest!

But with this 40 days of Subagh Kriya, I became more interested in the subtler lessons that began to unfold as the days of practice wore on. I found myself really opening up on a subtle level to receive the universe’s many gifts. It’s a receptivity that in kundalini yoga teachings has a word: suniai, which translates as ‘listen’. Suniai is being in a receptive state, to ‘hear’ or receive whatever is there, without judgement. It’s surrendering to what is, without fear. It’s about being soft, quiet and open. With this comes a healthy dollop of trust, of course – this crazy ride that’s called life can be terrifying and painful, and many of us have an instinct to curl up tight around our soft, vulnerable centre. So remaining receptive and open and TRUSTING at all times can be a challenge. But a challenge that Subagh Kriya has helped me with!

Thank you thank you thank you, Subagh Kriya – some real pearls, as always!

Sat nam x

6 years ago