What happened in the 40 days of the Subagh Har meditation for prosperity


After 40 days of practicing full Subagh Kriya, Nish and I wanted to keep its energy of  prosperity circling us, so we continued for another 40 days with 11 minutes of the first ‘Har’ meditation. That’s the only one in the … Continue reading

A meditation for women to balance the moon centres


Recently I posted about our moon centres. The moon has an almighty hip-shaking influence on our moods and feelings, and for women particularly, its effects are strong and can make all the difference to how we’re feeling on any given day. The lunar energy … Continue reading

What happened in 120 days of Kirtan Kriya (the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation)…

kirtan kriya Yogigems

Those who follow this blog will remember that my first 40 days of Kirtan Kriya was a bit of a bumpy ride. It was six, long weeks of a gnarly, confrontational reality. This meditation coughed up so much tough stuff for me. It … Continue reading

10 weeks of Bhandu Dya Kriya – the Meditation for Developing your Human Kindness – and the results are in…


One of my biggest challenges in London is learning to negotiate the occasional tidal wave of busy commuters, and all the sharpened elbows, set jaws and aloof eyes that come with it – that rush hour that’s determined to get from … Continue reading

What happened during 40 days of Kirtan Kriya…

Gemma Bliss kirtan kriya

My friend is soon to embark on a journey into plant medicine in Peru. She chose to prepare for it with kundalini yoga, and what better preparation than a daily practice of Kirtan Kriya – the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.  With an … Continue reading

How to prepare for a 2.5 hour Kirtan Kriya meditation…


It was one of my favourite kundalini yoga teachers, Sat Dharam Kaur, who inspired me to try a 2.5 hour Kirtan Kriya. This was her first ever taste of kundalini yoga (insert wide-eyed emoji!), and I love the way she talks … Continue reading

The road out of fury: 90 days of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves, by Ram Nam Singh

Meditation For A Strong Mind And Calm Nerves

I didn’t realise I was an angry person. It took a kundalini meditation for me to see it. It was during the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Stress And Vitality module. We did the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves … Continue reading