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My favourite kundalini yoga blogs

When I started this kundalini yoga blog in 2013, I couldn’t find much online about personal experiences of kundalini yoga. There were so many great online resources for kundalini yoga kriyas, but not much on how they’ve translated to real life. My intention was (and still is!) that my blog supported and inspired those out there seeking the same. Here are some gems in the kundalini yoga blog-o-sphere that have brought me much delight, as I hope they do for you too. If you have a favourite that I can add to this selection, please share with me at satnam(at)

40 days, 40 kriyas

It’s not a kundalini yoga blog, per se, but 40 days, 40 kriyas is a post that I really enjoyed reading! Doris Kapner writes with real humour and I love that she links back to the kriyas she practiced – just in case you feel inspired to follow in her footsteps.

Heart First Yoga

The Heart First Yoga blog is a balm for my soul. These are some good honest words from teachers Jelmar Manuel Gurprakash and Guru Deva (who some may know from Amrit Nam Sarovar in France). Jelmar’s posts on the recent turmoil in the kundalini yoga community are diamonds. They steer clear of escapism and excuses, and their thoughtful questioning offers a welcome foil to some of the wild vitriol out there.


Fiona Raymond and Shaunagh Aluwihare run their Sanasuma blog from Sri Lanka where they teach kundalini yoga in very beautiful, tropical surroundings. Every week or so, I receive an email from them containing a thoughtful, well-researched blog post on an aspect of kundalini yoga. I love these women – they’re dedicated to sharing this incredible practice and are endlessly generous with the research they put into their blog.

The Old-Timers

I hope the Our True Tales kundalini yoga blog doesn’t disappear. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s such a precious resource of anecdotes from kundalini yoga life in the 1960s and 70s. Post-Premka, it makes an interesting read. You’ll find a myriad of different perspectives and stories – refreshing. Speaking of Premka, her blog, Premka Memoir acts as an appendix to her book and offers a similarly fascinating insight into a bygone era.

Snatam Kaur’s blog

Sublime musician Snatam Kaur lives a sweet, simple life with her husband, daughter and dog in New Hampshire (at least I think it’s NH?!), and she posts beautiful updates on her blog. Her posts are centred around kundalini yoga mantras – sweet reminders of what we’re chanting when we meditate.

The Luminescent

Partners in life and academia, Jacqueline Hargreaves and Jason Birch have long been diving into the roots of yoga, most recently in collaboration with SOAS’ Hatha Yoga Project. Many of their revelations, discoveries and translations of yogic manuscripts can be found on their brilliant blog, The Luminescent. It’s not specifically related to kundalini yoga, but is a brilliant resource for anyone looking to learn more about the sound historic roots of our practice.

Sat Nam x

4 years ago