Healing from the vaccine with 40 days of pranayama

In March 2020, I was smacked down with Covid. It was a horror show. I never want that level of illness to happen again. But when I had an Astra Zeneca jab, it did. The vaccine knocked me right back into that hellish inferno of nausea, fever and the most agonising body pains. Thankfully this time it only lasted three days. However, perhaps worse than the physical symptoms was the vaccine’s impact on my nervous system. The trauma was real. As the post-vaccine weeks wore on, I was paddling frantically to keep my head above a strange tide of anxiety, depression and a Pandora’s box of moods and mental states that I haven’t encountered in years.


BUT, unlike those times past, I have a toolkit to deal with the contents of Pandora’s box.

The best remedy for the nervous system? Pranayama.  So I committed to a daily 31-minute pranayama practice. I divided this practice into three parts. The first five minutes were dedicated to alternate nostril breathing to restore balance. Then I moved to 20 minutes of breath of fire to boost my immune and nervous systems. I finished with 5 minutes of kumbhaka on the exhale (inhale, exhale, hold breath out for as long as comfortable and repeat) to seal the practice.

I supported this 40-day pranayama practice with a medley of kriyas for healing the nervous system, including the Kriya for Nerve, Navel and Lower Spine Strength. This one was recommended by the lovely Marlit to be good for the parasympathetic nervous system… it’s TOUGH but very refreshing. I am also still loyally practicing The Women’s Set as I find it really helps me get centred and balanced.

It has been two months since I had the vaccine and I am just about getting back to me. I know the pranayama and kriyas have helped… I’m so grateful to have these tools to raft me through those rocky patches.

Please do get in touch if you have had a similar reaction… I’m happy to share kriyas etc to help.

Sat nam x

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Kundalini yoga kriya for the pranic body

3 years ago