Breath of ten Meditation to become disease free

What happened in a year of Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Disease Free

I contracted a particularly vivid case of Covid-19 about a week before lockdown settled over London. There was no testing, so I can’t be sure it was THE lurgy, but from the symptoms, and the length, and the full-blown intensity of it, I don’t know what else it could have been. I was bed-bound for two weeks, and I was very ill. It was grim. I did, however, manage to keep up my kirtan kriya practice (see Nish’s covert snap above!), snatching half an hour every day whenever I felt decent enough to shuffle up a little on my pillow! How’s that for dedication?

Nish was my champion during those two weeks. He looked after me so sweetly, and we were both relieved that there was at least someone to cook soup and make tea and deliver bedside tangerines. We were also both really worried he would get it too. But he didn’t. The most contagious, virulent sickness was plaguing the planet, and Nish was in daily contact with it, but he didn’t catch it.


We pondered about this, and we kept coming back to the same thing… Nish’s daily practice of the Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Disease Free. For just over a year, he has tacked this particular pranayama onto the end of his sadhana, almost as an afterthought. I’ve joined him a couple of times – and it’s a lovely meditation! – but I’m usually busy doing other meditations and kriyas. It’s Nish’s practice, and I do believe it kept him safe from Coronavirus. Even if it wasn’t the reason he emerged unscathed, it’s still a gorgeous meditation.

So if you’re considering a new practice to see you through isolation, think about taking up Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Disease Free. As well as boosting the immune system, the pranayama blasts through the cobwebs and the result is crystalline.

I hope everyone is keeping safe out there.

Sat nam x

4 years ago