Beyond Teacher Training: How technology can help us teach kundalini yoga, by Ram Nam Singh

Ram Nam Mauro Corso

Being a kundalini yoga teacher can be challenging. Even with our own yoga and meditation practice to sustain us, at the end of the day (or at the very beginning, in the case of leading a sadhana), it all boils … Continue reading

Meet Laura Hinde aka Mukta, co-founder of Hertfordshire’s Yoga Hall and mega-fan of Bound Lotus

Laura Hinde

Laura Hinde aka Mukta found kundalini yoga through Gurmukh’s Khalsa Way pregnancy yoga training. She opened The Yoga Hall in St Albans, UK, in 2003 with her husband, where she offers a variety of yoga classes. Here she talks about her … Continue reading

The road out of fury: 90 days of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves, by Ram Nam Singh

Meditation For A Strong Mind And Calm Nerves

I didn’t realise I was an angry person. It took a kundalini meditation for me to see it. It was during the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Stress And Vitality module. We did the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves … Continue reading

Meet Jai-Jagdeesh, mantra musician with mega-wings


Whenever I play Jai-Jagdeesh’s music in my kundalini yoga classes, I’m inevitably asked: ‘Who, pray tell, was that?’ Well, everyone, it was the wonderfully bright, talented, quirky and humble Jai-Jagdeesh who’s currently singing those same beautiful mantras in a UK city near … Continue reading

Akaal: The liberation chant to guide a soul through death

Alun Jones

Last week, an old friend took his own life. He was 51, and so very bright. He lived life right on the edge, following his wanderlust (and his paraglider) to India, Japan, Burma, Bali. He was hilarious, big-hearted and fun, and he lived … Continue reading

Supersonic energy levels and Chloë Sevigny’s legs (!!): what 52 kundalini yoga frogs a day can do for you…

yogigems kundalini yoga frog pose

Frog pose is kundalini yoga’s answer to a double espresso: that slovenly mid-afternoon slump doesn’t stand a chance. Frog pose also instantly boosts your mood – it’s an all-natural pick-me-up. It shifts the energy from the lower triangle – root, sacral and navel … Continue reading

Meet Dev Inder Kaur, who’s recently completed a life-changing 40 days of Meditation To Break The Mask

Dev Inder Tay

I connected with Dev Inder Kaur aka Tay over our shared experience of how 40 days of the Meditation To Break The Mask can totally change our perspective and, consequently, our life. It’s a meditation that shows us – pretty … Continue reading

Cash-strapped? Try some kundalini yoga for prosperity

Gemma bliss laxmi

Recently I taught a kundalini yoga workshop for abundance, and it lead me to reflect on my own relationship to abundance and prosperity. I remember a time when abundance meant MEGAWEALTH IN CAPITAL LETTERS! It meant winning the lottery (oh yes, … Continue reading