Feeling dipped in autumnal blues? Try these 6 Ayurvedic remedies for rejuvenation

Golden milk yogigems

In autumn, the air tattva (element) is strong. It’s dry, windy and cold. And when the air tattva out balances the others, we are prone to feeling unstable, uncentred,  unfocused and chilly. Add to the mix a pinch of stress and we dry … Continue reading

Meet Charanpal aka Ed Jones, currently on a 40-day kitcheree fast

Charanpal, Guru Dharam, Shivaroshan

I’ve been going to Charanpal’s classes for some years, and I’ve watched them bloom and grow, and overflow! They’re consistently fun, soulful, big-hearted and a bit bonkers – true to the essence of kundalini yoga. Here he is on his yoga practice, beards and … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of mung beans and rice (kitchari)


Behold the delightful pip of glee that is the humble mung bean. According to the yogic science of Ayurveda, kitchari (a soupy stew of mung beans, rice and assorted veg) is the most balancing, nutritious food, regardless of allergies or constitution. … Continue reading