What happened in the 40 days of the Subagh Har meditation for prosperity

SubaghAfter 40 days of practicing full Subagh Kriya, Nish and I wanted to keep its energy of  prosperity circling us, so we continued for another 40 days with 11 minutes of the first ‘Har’ meditation. That’s the only one in the Subagh collection that you can take out of context to practice on its own.

And it’s mega, mega, MEGA. 

Seriously, this meditation needs a disclaimer.

After a relatively parched and listless start to the year, a tsunami of beautiful opportunities started to roll in. I was greeted with wave after wave of more writing projects, more illustrating projects, more teaching opportunities, more social events, more EVERYTHING than I think I’ve ever experienced in my life! Like I said, it was all really good stuff that I enjoy doing, and that was the problem (-ish!) – there was nothing I wanted to turn down. So I just said yes to all of it.

By day 20 I was like a humming bird, darting around at superspeed to fit everything in. Fortunately it wasn’t as stressful as it sounds. I am so grateful for my yoga practice (we were doing the Sahibi Kriya To Master Your Domain alongside it) for giving me the strength and feisty nervous system to take everything on. Despite not having much downtime, I found other ways to relax, like in those quiet moments standing on the train platform looking up at the sky, or reading in bed, or sipping tea. 

Phewie, Subagh, you are a piece of WORK!

ps Despite riding prosperously high on the first 40 days of Subagh Kriya, Nish didn’t feel the effects of these next 40 days so strongly… But my prosperity is his prosperity!

‘By tendency you are not very agreeable most of the time. You are more concerned with your scare tactics and insecurities than with your power to expand. I’m going to give you a very handy tool, one that you can use anywhere, and you’ll become rich. I’m not going to give you printed money, but I will give you a tool of prosperity.

‘I would like you to be your own judge, see how it works. There are a lot of things you can’t do. You can’t look unique. You can’t look extraordinary. You don’t want to be excellent, because you are afraid of the responsibility. But if the psyche is corrected once in a while for a few minutes here, and a few minutes there, you will be surprised how much good you can do to yourself.

‘To become rich and prosperous with wealth and values, is to have the strength to come through. It means that transmissions from your brain, and the power of your intuition, can immediately tell you what to do. You will be in a position to change gears. If you need to go in reverse, you can go in reverse. If you need to go forward, you’ll go forward. This is a very old and simple system.

‘This side of my hand along the pinky is called Moon. I hit the Moon sides of my hands together. This side of my hand along the index finger is called Jupiter, I hit the Jupiter sides of my hands together. Play the Tantric Har with it. Hit hard. Alternate hitting the Moon sides and the Jupiter sides. Look at the tip of your nose.

‘You should not do it more than 3 minutes when you are working during the day time, or you will become too rich. Then they will ask where you got the money. You think I am joking? I’m not. In Toronto I was without shoes, without clothes, without food. I was a pauper. When I landed, I was a prince. Let us do what works. Any time you are puzzled and in bad shape, do 3 minutes of this mantra. Doing it for 11 minutes a day is more than enough. Doing it too much will be greed. It stimulates the mind, the moon center, and the Jupiter. When Jupiter and the moon come together, there is no way in the world you will not make wealth. I’m not talking about money. Money is a common word, money is a media. Wealth. It’ll come to you. Now….. Har, Har, Har… it is a money making machine. I’m only trying to tell you what God tells you, that it is all in you, it’s not outside. Just stimulate certain parts. It’s going to work.’

Sat nam x

3 years ago