What happened during 120 days of Gyan Chakra kriya…


My first 40 days of practicing Gyan Chakra kriya, which is a joyful 11-minute meditation that shines up the arc line and ushers in prosperity, were pretty supersonic. During those six weeks, I gleefully totted up all the instances of … Continue reading

40 days of nabhi kriya: four troubleshooting tips

nabhi kriya

Nabhi kriya, with its endless leg lifts, is, and always will be, very dear to my heart. It might be disgustingly tough, but it was the first really tough 40-day commitment I took on, and it has absolutely changed my life… … Continue reading

How to really shine: What happened during the first 40 days of Gyan Chakra Kriya…

Gyan Chakra kriya yogigems

Gyan Chakra Kriya is one of those ‘look at me!’ practices. It kept popping up everywhere. First, a friend told me how much she loved it, and then I stumbled across it online – over and over again. That was … Continue reading

Supersonic energy levels and Chloë Sevigny’s legs (!!): what 52 kundalini yoga frogs a day can do for you…

yogigems kundalini yoga frog pose

Frog pose is kundalini yoga’s answer to a double espresso: that slovenly mid-afternoon slump doesn’t stand a chance. Frog pose also instantly boosts your mood – it’s an all-natural pick-me-up. It shifts the energy from the lower triangle – root, sacral and navel … Continue reading

Cash-strapped? Try some kundalini yoga for prosperity

Gemma bliss laxmi

Recently I taught a kundalini yoga workshop for abundance, and it lead me to reflect on my own relationship to abundance and prosperity. I remember a time when abundance meant MEGAWEALTH IN CAPITAL LETTERS! It meant winning the lottery (oh yes, … Continue reading

Yoga to help prepare for marriage: Kriya For The Navel Centre And Elimination by Ram Nam Singh

Navel centre and elimination

My wedding to Irma (Ram Nam Kaur) was set for 8 December 2016. I’d finished a 90-day practice of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves (which brought some very interesting changes) in October, and if I was to start a … Continue reading