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What happened in 90 days of The Women’s Set

I’m an enduring fan of The Women’s Set. Since I last mentioned it on this blog three years ago, I’ve been exploring a lot of different kriyas and admittedly forgot about this particular gem. But a few months ago, I returned to it… and what a joy! It’s like a dear, long-lost friend. I’ve been practicing it daily for a while now… although not diligently counting the days as I usually do – I suspect I’m approaching 120 days, with no sign of letting up any time soon. It’s a relief not to have to think about my morning practice, just to do it and know that it makes me feel brilliant and sees me shining through the day while I focus on studying.

I find The Women’s Set such a soothing balm. From the first rock pose, and even through those challenging camel, bow, locust and stretch poses, I feel this kriya recalibrating my body so beautifully and setting me up perfectly for the day. I feel it boosting my confidence, my radiance, my humour, my grit.

The only thing I would change is the name. The Women’s Set is great for women, yes, but it’s pretty spectacular for men too. Nish has been hitching a ride on my sadhana for the past while and practicing The Women’s Set with me. He loves it as much as I do, gets as much from it, feels as shiny and soothed and centred, and it similarly sets him up beautifully for his meditations, just as it acts as a great precursor for my 31 minutes kirtan kriya.

So, whether male or female, I can highly recommend this one as a winner!

Sat nam x

5 years ago