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Yoga to feel invincible: the Woman’s Set

The woman's set 1‘You must, in your own mind, understand that you are the keeper of your own grace, your own character, your own commitment, your own standard.’ 

I’ve been meaning to write about The Woman’s Set for a while because it’s one of my go-to favourites. It’s the kriya I practise when I want to feel empowered, strong and confident. Inspired by a student who was practising it daily, I took it on for 40 days last year and it had such an amazing effect on my energy The woman's set 2levels, my self-confidence and my self-trust. 

Nowadays, I’ll practice it if I’m feeling a bit meh, if my radiant body needs some work, if I’m wobbling or fearful. And it really WORKS! If you want to feel like Superwoman, try The Woman’s Set one morning… even better, practice it daily over the course of a week and see for yourself. 

The woman's setThe Woman’s Set is quite unique in kundalini yoga as it’s pretty static throughout. It includes 11 asanas, which are held still with
long deep breathing for one to three minutes. I like to think this teaches unwavering steadiness, and trains us to draw deep on our breath to guide and sustain us. And there’s a hearty dose of stretch pose to finish, for a kundalini yoga signature.

So how does this set work? It builds our strength and our nervous system to almighty proportions! Any neuroses and insecurities will be crushed by the likes of stretch pose, bow and locust.

It balances our hormones and flushes fresh blood through our reproductive organs with postures like camel and bow. These are such great poses to help balance our hormones and ease symptoms of PCOS.

It keeps us young, vital and radiant with life nerve and shoulder stand and, of course, there’s warrior to build our courage and grace in the face of adversity. 

Winning formula all round. Thank you I Am A Woman manual for publishing it.

Sat nam x

7 years ago