What happened in 40 days of the 15 minute morning set

I love this kriya – it’s short, sweet and develops some incredibly almighty core strength. Don’t be deceived by the title… the 15 minute morning set is more like a 30 minute kriya if done to the maximum times.

So, what happened during the six weeks? Not much. It was a lovely physical kriya to do every morning, and it felt challenging enough to keep me interested but not so challenging that I felt defeated by it. I found it strengthened my back incredibly – which is great because my lower back can give me jip sometimes and this has really helped it. My locust (exercise three) improved dramatically over the 40 days. I also love the hip-opening savasana at the end.

It was also a great precursor to my dedicated kirtan kriya practice – it’s a good preparation for meditation, which was the real winner for me. If you’re on an extended meditation practice, then I can highly recommend the 15 minute morning set as a short and sweet preparatory kriya.

Sat nam x

6 years ago