Sat Kriya: Observations from a prolonged daily 11 minute practice

Sat KriyaNish has been practicing 11 minutes of Sat Kriya every day (most days) for about seven months – hooray! He has a history with this supersonic practice, and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping any time soon… which is interesting, as Nish is more into hatha than kundalini yoga. His approach is also a little less rigid than mine, in that he has missed the odd day here and there and doesn’t care too much about adhering to strict 40 day runs. He has been playing and experimenting with Sat Kriya since September 2018. I asked him how it has affected him over the past seven months:

  1. During the first three weeks of Sat Kriya, there was a lot of heat generated, especially five minutes in, so much so that I would be dripping with sweat. I’m not getting the sweats anymore, unless I really focus on how the energy is moving up the spine and up to the head, and really focusing the mind.
  2. At the end of 11 minutes of Sat Kriya, I would feel physically energised. It also increased my energy levels throughout the day. As a massage therapist, I would normally be pretty tired by 2pm after a full morning of physical work, but I can now go through for a full day without flagging. My energy levels are still good, although I did an experiment and stopped for five days. I discovered I wasn’t as energised. This has lead to a feeling of prosperity, because I have had more energy to take on more massage work.
  3. If I don’t do a relaxation, I get a pressure in the top of my head – not a headache, just a build-up of pressure. This never happens if I take a proper relaxation to settle the energy after my 11 minutes of Sat Kriya.
  4. In the first two months, I was more irritable and easily angered – a bit snappy (I can vouch for this!). It wasn’t the rage that I experienced before, more just little bursts of crossness. That has since subsided. At the beginning, Sat Kriya draws up deep-seated anger, but as the practice goes on over the days, this seems to get less and less intense.

All in all, an incredibly powerful practice… and it’s testament to its transformative effects that Nish is still going strong with it. A great general all-rounder for a daily practice.

Sat Nam x

5 years ago