A yogic diet: the best foods to support, balance and heal women

Out of my kundalini yoga books and manuals, it’s the humble level one teacher training book – The Aquarian Teacher – that I tend to dip into most. It never fails to offer up interesting gems, and this time, it was Yogi Bhajan’s list of the best foods that we can eat as women to support our systems, hormones and emotions that caught my attention. 

Must-eat foods for women
imagesRaw almond oil is particularly important after the age of 28. It lowers cholesterol, balances body fat, detoxes and helps keep skin healthy and lustrous. Use internally and externally.
Dates nourish and rejuvenate.
Wheatberries (wholewheat grains) nourish and clean the digestive tract and keep the skin clear. It’s recommended to fast on wheatberries one day a week to keep the weight balanced.
Turmeric heals the internal organs and lubricates the joints. It’s known as the internal cosmetic. It’s also great for the skin and nervous system. Always cook it before eating it. Great excuse to drink golden milk!
Green chilli is a great source of vitamin C. If you can handle it, aim to have one green chilli a day!

Foods to support the moon cycle
Ginger eases menstrual cramps.
Sesame oil supports the moon cycle.

Mangoes and aubergines (he mentions eggplant pakoras in particular – yum!) regulate menstruation.
Green chillis prevent bad breath during our period.

It’s recommended for women to have two solid and two liquid (juices/smoothies/soups) meals a day. Start with a juice, soup or smoothie at breakfast, four hours later have your biggest meal, mid afternoon have another liquid meal and make your last meal of the day a bowl of steamed veggies before sunset – we should aim to eat a bowl of fresh steamed veg every day. Steer clear of salt and sugar! 

Also, when we feel in need of a cleanse, we should choose monodiets like the Green Diet or Kitchari over fasting (eliminating food completely). Yogi Bhajan says:If a woman fasts without proper guidance and preparation there is a sixty percent possibility that her Navel Point (the pulse at the navel) will go off position. That will mess up her pituitary gland secretion, her breasts, and her digestive system.’

Sat nam x

6 years ago