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How to really shine: What happened during the first 40 days of Gyan Chakra Kriya…

Gyan Chakra kriya yogigemsGyan Chakra Kriya is one of those ‘look at me!’ practices. It kept popping up everywhere. First, a friend told me how much she loved it, and then I stumbled across it online – over and over again. That was before we practiced it in a kundalini yoga class I went to. In other words, Gyan Chakra Kriya was bellowing at me loud and clear to take it on as a 120-day challenge (120 days is recommended by the KRI Level 2 Conscious Communication coursebook in which it appears, instructions below).

And ‘Look at me!’ is definitely the essence of Gyan Chakra Kriya. It works on shining up your arcline, which is like the bright filament inside the lightbulb of your aura. It’s your halo, forming a subtle globe of energy around your head, and women have a second arc line extending out from the chest. Our arcline anticipates what’s coming to us and projects what we want to come to us. A bright, clear, shining arcline has the potential to magnetise prosperity and opportunity like no other. And Gyan Chakra Kriya is aaaaall about prosperity and opportunity.

gyan chakra kriyaSo, speaking of that prosperity and opportunity, here’s what happened during my first 40 days of practicing it every morning (for 31 minutes for the first three weeks as, ahem, I hadn’t read the instructions properly. Erm, just 11 minutes is necessary for this one!):

  • Number of complimentary lunches/teas/brownies I received: THREE (one cafe wouldn’t let me pay for my salad, just because…; I took a friend out for tea & cake and again, the cafe (a different one) wouldn’t accept my payment and gifted it instead; I received a free cup of tea from another eatery because ‘it’s Friday!’. THANK YOU!)
  • Number of interesting projects I was invited to participate in: FIVE (I was filmed for Kate Coe’s art project at a gallery in St Petersburg, asked to contribute to a ‘spiritual’ project, invited to film some yoga classes, interviewed for a YouTube channel and invited to illustrate some more children’s books)
  • Number of times I found an unclaimed £10 on the street: ONE (donated to one of my favourite charities The Lunchbox Fund. If you want to donate too, sign in via the US$ donation route)

But perhaps one of the MOST exciting things that happened in my practice of Gyan Chakra kriya was during my once-yearly session with the incredibly talented Alexandra Wenman,  towards the end of my 40 days.

I only go to Alexandra once a year because her sessions are so supersonic for me, a yearly top-up is all I need. Magic things happen – and continue to happen – after I see her. And this year’s session was no different. This time, using a mixture of belief-work, shamanic soul retrieval, past-life analysis and interdimensional acrobatics, Alexandra focused on returning my ‘master soul fragment’ – which was basically about calling back my inherent light from wherever I may have hidden it due to trauma, fear of judgement, fear of outshining others etc. And when said soul fragment came shining back into me, it was like a subtle strike of lightning – in a good way! My arc line, aura and radiant body felt so BRIGHT afterwards! It’s amazing how these sacred yoga practices show up and manifest results in such surprising and powerful ways.

So Gyan Chakra Kriya has turbo-powered me to a whole new level of shine. It feels great. I can highly recommend it. But you have to be prepared for ‘look at me!’ And now, on with the next 80 days. I’ll keep you posted.

PS. Many of you have been asking for a track to support your Gyan Chakra Kriya practice. Here’s a goodie by Jagjit Singh remixed by Harimander Singh Khalsa.

PPS. Here’s the follow-up post on my experience of 120 days of Gyan Chakra Kriya.

Sat nam x

7 years ago