Gemma Bliss Subagh Har Meditation for Prosperity

What happened in 90 days of the Subagh Har meditation for prosperity

Gemma Bliss Subagh Har Meditation for ProsperityI’m utterly awed by the effects of 40 days of the Subagh Har meditation for prosperity (tapping alternate edges of the hands together and chanting Har). This kundalini yoga practice is wildly effective – it really has to be experienced to be believed. I took it a stretch further and carried on to complete 90 days. And yes, vast swathes of prosperity on every level continued to arise. It was wonderful!

What has been most interesting, however, is what’s happened since finishing my 90 days of Subagh Har. I was interested to see if the great billowing clouds of abundance would clear once I stopped this particular meditation for prosperity. Well, a week after I finished, I continue to be inundated with fun opportunities and interesting experiences. But what I have noticed is that I don’t have quite the same capacity to accommodate it.

I have been very aware that I’ve been taking on a lot these past three months, and then even more on top of that. It seems that Subagh Har has been whipping up a furore of activities, and I have been marvelling at my capacity to meet it all with so much energy. But since finishing 90 days of Subagh Har–almost immediately, actually–that capacity has slipped a little, and I’ve started seeking quieter corners and saying no to some things, as tempting as they are. 

Interesting how when we work with meditations for prosperity, we focus on the fun stuff that comes to us rather than the strength and capacity it takes to meet it all with the energy it deserves. A daily practice of 11 minutes of the Subagh Har meditation cultivated both for me!

‘To become rich and prosperous with wealth and values, is to have the strength to come through. It means that transmissions from your brain, and the power of your intuition, can immediately tell you what to do. You will be in a position to change gears. If you need to go in reverse, you can go in reverse. If you need to go forward, you’ll go forward. This is a very old and simple system.’

So THANK YOU, dear Subagh Har, for giving me such a fun ride. I’m continuing with the prosperity theme that seems to be dominating this year so far, but perhaps a different flavour for a while. Stay tuned…

Sat nam x

6 years ago