Keeping the body beautiful

What happened in 40 days of Keeping the Body Beautiful

Keeping the body beautifulHurrah for the short and sweet 10-minute jewels in the kundalini yoga kriya library! For a fantastic kundalini yoga mini maintenance program, try the kriya for Keeping the Body Beautiful. If you’re going away on a trip, and have no idea how much physical space you will have in which to do your daily practice – or you’re perhaps a little short on time and are looking for a quick boost – then choose this powerful 10-minute kriya to take with you. As well as a vibrant energy lift, it’s also a great warm-up to do before a meditation.

I really enjoyed my 40 days of Keeping the Body Beautiful. While I didn’t notice so much on a physical level – it’s not a very intensive kriya apart from its starring frogs variation – I noticed plenty energetically. The biggest impact of 40 days of this kriya was on my aura. I was acutely aware of shifts in my electromagnetic field during the six weeks of practice… and it did feel very beautiful, big, bright and golden. 

Yogi Bhajan recommends that in order to maintain our youth and vitality as women, we need to break into a sweat at least once a day, and we need to be able to touch our toes – which means a daily forward bend. This kriya ticks both of those boxes, which ties in with the title to Keep the Body Beautiful. 

But those frogs… no matter how often I do them, they never get any easier! 

If the Keeping the Body Beautiful theme interests you and you have a little more time, here’s one that I tried for 40 days a few years ago:  The Kriya To Make You Enchantingly Beautiful.

Find 3Ho’s Keeping the Body Beautiful instructions here.

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6 years ago