How our moon centres affect our moods, and what we can do about it…

Blood Moon by Johanna Kwiat
Blood Moon by Johanna Kwiat

In kundalini yoga teachings, both men and women have a moon centre at the chin. This is the point of subtle communication between the waxing and waning of the lunar cycles and our own inner tides. This is why men are encouraged to grow their beard, to insulate this centre and even out the moon’s influence on their internal cycle.

As well as the chin, women have an additional 11 moon centres in the body through which the lunar energy moves in 28-day cycles. At any one time, our chin and one of the moon centres below is active, shifting through them in the same sequence every 2.5 days. The moon centres are as follows, in no particular order. You will have your own unique cycle/sequence which tends to remain in a consistent pattern throughout your life, only possibly disturbed and recalibrated into a different sequence after trauma or childbirth:

HAIR LINE: At our most sensitive and our most authentic. 
EYEBROWS: Imaginative and dreamy.
PINK OF THE CHEEKS: Lacking restraint, cheeky!, can act out of character and on a whim.
LIPS: Introverted and private.
EARLOBES: Stimulates our interest in discussing values.
BACK OF NECK: Romantic with a tendency to be foolish.
BREASTS: Compassionate and giving.
NAVEL: The most insecure point of our cycle.
INNER THIGHS: Wants confirmation and validation for everything.
CLITORIS: Charming, eager to chat and socialise, extroverted.
VAGINA: Also charming and extroverted, but in search of a deeper connection.
(This list was taken from the fabulous I Am A Woman textbook)

Moon centre chartIf you’re interested in discovering your own unique cycle, the best way I know how is to first tune in with your deepest feelings, senses, emotions and moods. Find ways of articulating these. Then record your mood with some key words every day at the same time on a chart (see left). Do this for a few 28 day cycles to find the correlation. I tried this for a while but alas, I was left a bit confounded (probably on a navel day!) and lost interest in the fourth month, as you can see! A few patterns were emerging but nothing concrete to work from. One of these days I’ll give it another go. Anyone else had any luck?

Sat nam x

6 years ago