Conquering anxiety with the ‘Me Within Me is the Purity’ mantra

Gemma Bliss Kundalini Yoga Me within Me is Purity‘Me within me is the purity

Me within me is the reality

Me within me is the grace

I am the master of the space.’

What a beautiful mantra! I was listening to Karta Time and KS suggested this affirmation to remind us of our true nature, our inherent purity and grace; the infinite aspect of ourselves that’s untouched by all the drama of daily life, all the labels we stick on ourselves, all the roles we play, all the masks we wear. It’s a reminder of our unlimited Self, the self we were when, brand new, we came into the world and the self we’ll be when we’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. 

While I haven’t been sitting with the ‘Me within Me is Purity’ mantra meditation as instructed here, I’ve been chanting it out loud and in my head in various tunes and tempos as I go about my daily life. It’s on repeat in one way or another as I’m walking to the shops or heading the train station, when I’m cooking, when I’m drawing, when I’m on the Tube. And it’s extremely powerful, a mini dose of superpower and a delicious reminder of that ecstatic connection that kundalini yoga seems to deliver in spades.

I’m midway through 40 days of sat kriya, and anxiety has arisen for me in a big and uncomfortable way (more of that in a future post). While anxiety is nothing new for me, I’m still learning how to sit with it and negotiate my way through it. This mantra is helping me process it in a very empowering and gentle way. Oh, it’s a real balm for my soul.

Please try it, it’s pretty special! And I have found it really helps to empower and strengthen, especially in the face of anxiety. Thank you for recommending, Kartar Singh.

Sat nam x

6 years ago