Why lemon water is the best start to your day

lemon waterEvery day starts with a crack-o-dawn pint of warm lemon water for me. I LOVE lemons (when I was little, I used to eat them, straight up and hard core. As you do), and I really feel lemon water sets me off on the right track for my day. I add a tiny pinch of Himalayan salt to help rehydrate and replenish electrolyte levels, and sometimes a coin or two of ginger goes in to get the digestive fires burning. But even without these frills, morning lemon water is a game-changer…

Lemon water balances your pH 

When we wake up in the morning, our body’s pH is on the acidic side because our blood sugar levels rise during the night. Our liver stores glucose eaten during the day and releases it while we sleep to keep us going til breakfast. Sugar/ glucose is one of the prime causes of acidity. An acidic environment = disease and cell degeneration. Drinking a cup of warm lemon water when you wake up instantly puts you back on track and re-alkalises your system. Despite its acidic, citrusy flavour, lemons are one of the most alkaline foods out there when digested.

It helps maintain your ideal weight

Yeah yeah, we all know a more alkaline plant-based diet helps to balance weight more easily. By creating an alkaline environment in our body from the moment we wake up with a cup of lemon water, we set ourself up for a healthier, more alkaline day. Our body is only as acidic as the last thing we ate, so follow rich meals or chocolate with a swig of lemon water to stay in balance.

It keeps our skin bright

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which – yes, helps prevent colds and infections – and also boosts our body’s ability to heal itself. All that vitamin C and potassium in lemons help to combat free radicals – the enemy of radiant skin – and boost our production of red blood cells: cue more oxygen/prana being carried around our body, nourishing our cells and keeping our skin bright and fresh.

It relieves digestive problems

Lemon juice encourages the liver to produce bile, helping us to digest our food more efficiently. Because of its high levels of alkalinity when digested, a glass of warm lemon juice can also help to soothe gastroesophageal reflux disease, indigestion, bloating, constipation and heart burn. And if you’re trying to shrug off hiccups and holding your breath isn’t working, a swig of lemon water should do the trick.

In a nutshell, morning lemon water = a big YES.

*Yogi Bhajan recommends rinsing your mouth with fresh water after you’ve drunk lemon juice to protect your teeth’s enamel. I also do oil pulling before I drink my lemon juice for an added layer of protection.

Sat nam x

8 years ago

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