Kundalini yoga workshops

Live Fearlessly from the Heart with Kundalini Yoga

When: Sunday 19 May 2019, 10-1pm
Level: No experience necessary
Where: The Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NS
More info and book: https://www.alternatives.org.uk/event/live-fearlessly-heart-kundalini-yoga

Life lived with an open heart is bright, rich, full of adventure, colour, spontaneity, freedom. But often our conditioning has taught us that we can’t trust our heart, that we have to listen to our ‘sensible’ head if we want to get anywhere in life. The more we do this, the more we close to our heart’s guidance. We are governed by the mind’s fear, which restricts us, constricts us, prevents us from blossoming into our full potential. 
In this workshop, we practice kundalini yoga kriyas, mantras and meditations to release us from that fear and reconnect us to our heart’s wisdom. We open our heart and ourself to receive LIFE in all its juicy, vibrant, adventurous glory. No experienced needed, just bring an open mind.
As this is a movement class please wear comfortable loose clothing and bring a yoga mat with you. 
What you say: “I’ve attended Gemma Bliss’s workshops and many of her classes. She’s always very professional, yet extremely warm and approachable. She leads you through a fabulous journey, plays wonderful music, and provides follow up information and meditations. The material and exercises are always highly relevant and thoroughly enjoyable – quite trying at times, but Gemma always seems to know the exact moment to provide encouragement and boost the energy levels!”Emma R, PA

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