Kriya for lungs, magnetic field and deep meditation

kriya for the lungs, magnetic field and deep meditation by yogi gemsThe kriya for lungs, magnetic field and deep meditation (instructions below) is one of kundalini yoga’s many jewels. I taught it last week, and my class fell in love with it too. Some were moved to tears, especially in the third anger release part of the kriya, and everyone levitated in the long meditation at the end. Well, nearly!

Big lungs = more prana

One of the reasons the kriya for lungs, magnetic field and deep meditation is so supersonic is that it works primarily on the lungs. I learned from Theta Healing that we store pent-up grief in our lungs, so by increasing our capacity to breathe deeply and expansively, which helps our lungs to detoxify, we can release some of those buried sorrows that are lodged in our body and subconscious mind.

kriya for lungs magnetic field and deep meditation 1Added to that, our lungs are our receptacles for prana – that juicy life force energy that we work with in yoga. The bigger and more efficient your lungs, the more prana you receive. The more prana that’s flowing through your body, the healthier and more vibrant you are.

Breath! Beautiful breath!

The key to everything is in the breath. The way we breathe tells us about our emotional state. When we’re feeling stressed, we hold our breath in a subconscious attempt to stop what’s kriya for lungs magnetic field and deep meditationhappening around us. If we train ourself to do the opposite and breathe deeply, then we flow with events, rather than resisting them.

When we’re exploding with anger or sobbing with grief, our breath becomes fast and shallow… we can learn to settle into intense emotions by breathing deeply. By allowing our breath to teach us about uncomfortable feelings, we can become still with them and can process them more easily.

When we’re in one of those intense yoga poses like pigeon, the only way we can get through it is to breathe. By breathing deeply and consciously, we can ride through any situation that life throws at us.

Added to this, your breath unlocks the present moment. It’s your free ticket to enlightenment. Take a deep, conscious breath, and you automatically arrive in the here and now. So any kriya that works with your lungs is gonna be a goodie.

Bottom line is, this kriya is great. It might just be your favourite for a while. Open your lungs and enjoy!

9 years ago

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