Conquering Imagined Disabilities

What happened in 40 days of the kriya for Conquering Imagined Disabilities

Conquering Imagined DisabilitiesConquering my imagined disabilities… interesting… what might they be, I scratched my head on the first day. Well, my unfaltering dedication to chocolate was the first imagined disability to surface. Would this kriya whip me into chocolate-free shape? I wondered. Despite being rather fond of chocolate, just as a heroin user is rather fond of a hit, I recognise that it’s more of a disability than a credit, and I’d be better off without it. I have tried numerous (albeit half-hearted – I do so love a good Green & Blacks) approaches over the years to wean myself off it. So, 40 days of the Conquering Imagined Disabilities Kriya, am I still addicted? Read on…

This is a beautifully meditative kriya, super-quick and incredibly powerful, and at nine minutes a pop (a little longer counting a breather in between each of the three sections), it’s criminally easy to insert into the start/ end of each day. A little dynamite blast of some very refreshing kundalini yoga. But while this lovely, energetic, short ‘n’ sweet kriya certainly gave me a happy boost every morning, I was hard-pressed to see the obvious benefits. I enjoyed doing it, but the mega life changes and sudden rejection of chocolate? Not so much.

That is until I went to Greece between days 20-30 of my 40 days of Conquering Imagined Disabilities. My realisation happened on the first morning I was there. The place we were staying offered a lethally decadent chocolatey breakfast. I’m talking pain au chocolates, chocolate muffins and Nutella crepes – a lethal spread for such a cacao fiend as myself.

Although, surprisingly, not so much this time! For some reason (that’s perhaps down to Conquering Imagined Disabilities), I just didn’t fancy the sweet stuff. I consistently made a beeline for the fresh fruit, the tomatoes, olives and feta. And when we arrived back home to London, I discovered a notable lack of chocolate in my grocery bags.

I’m not saying I’m over my cacao addiction – it’s too early to raise that flag, and the real test will be when winter returns… but I continue to be impressed at the subtle change in my relationship with chocolate that has taken root since I started this kriya. It’s a good one, guys.

(Conquering One’s Imagined Disabilities is from Yogi Bhajan’s book Self-Knowledge) 

Sat nam x

6 years ago