WED 10 MAR 2021 | 7-8.30pm UK time | Mantras & Meditations for Protection | ONLINE

When: Wednesday 10 March 2021 | 7-8.30pm UK time
Level: Beginners welcome
Cost: £22 / £25
Where: Online with The College of Psychic Studies
ook: Here

In this 90-minute online masterclass, Gemma will share powerful sacred mantras and meditations for protection, drawn from the tantric tradition of kundalini yoga. You will learn and practice transformative techniques to establish the vibration of protection and groundedness in the body and create a subtle protective electromagnetic shield around you.

The transformative power of mantra has been acknowledged since yoga’s earliest beginnings in the Vedas. According to those early yogis and rishis, mantra is the most accessible and easiest way to enlightenment. It is such an important tool, especially as we navigate the difficult times of Kaliyuga – the dark age in Vedic astrology.

Sacred mantras have the power to switch us out of negative thought-patterns, to reset our energetic field, to recharge us and raise our consciousness. They are a key that unlocks a deeper knowledge of the Self.

This class includes gentle movement and chanting. Beginners are welcome.

2 years ago