What happened in 40 days of Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain…

Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain

What an utter delight is Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain. It has just the right combination of energetic, core-strengthening, aura-building kriyas balanced by a sweet meditation and topped off with a delicious variation on savasana. It’s such a great reset … Continue reading

Yogi Bhajan’s cure for digestive issues

UnknownI love the random nuggets of information that are scattered throughout the kundalini yoga manuals – blink and you’ll miss them. Here’s one such nugget, a remedy for some pretty serious digestive ailments. Orange peels and olive oil… who knew?! Here’s what Yogi Bhajan pegs as the cure for stomach cancer…

‘I’ll tell you one thing. If you have cancer in your intestinal system, cancer in your stomach, to cure, just take the orange peels and put olive oil in it and put water on it, and boil it and live on it – you will be cured. So chop it up, and then put olive oil, and then put water in it. I made like a vegetable and I ate it. You cannot imagine what it does to you. And if you sleep at night, the bathroom door should be open.

‘You will get up by nature’s call, so you don’t worry, it will be very early hours. That is the beauty, my dear, of olive oil and orange peels, very finely chopped up.

‘So, what they do is chop them up, and take onion, and put in rice – put those chopped peels in the rice – and then we put some green vegetables and we put in that oil – sesame oil – in that rice. A beautiful dish is prepared and it is perfect. You can use it anytime you like it.’ – Yogi Bhajan

I haven’t tried this, having never had a stomach issue serious enough to warrant it, but am intrigued…

Excerpt from KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 2 • Life Cycles & Lifestyles, p98

Sat nam x

Meet Sidak Kaur: Naad yoga lead teacher trainer and sacred mantra artist, and previously a kundalini yoga teacher trainer!

Sidak Kaur

Sidak Kaur discovered naad yoga – the yoga of sound – 12 years ago when she was a kundalini yoga teacher, and now she trains naad yoga teachers! I’m lucky enough to have her as a teacher on my own journey into naad … Continue reading

Sattvic, rajasic, tamasic… we are what we eat, so what does your diet say about you?

Green diet

The three gunas, or qualities, that form the foundations of this maya of reality, including our own selves, are sattva = purity, rajas = passion and tamas = inertia.  A sattvic person is dedicated to the spiritual path: truthful, wise, luminous, healthy, devoted and shining, … Continue reading

Meet Gurprakash aka Jelmar Manuel: Lisbon-bound kundalini yoga teacher, marathon-runner, writer & naad yogi


Gurprakash once taught us the most hideously tough kriya at the ANS ashram in France, but somehow he had us all laughing through it… and it ended up being a cinch. His dry wit is priceless, which you’ll know if you … Continue reading

A meditation for women to balance the moon centres


Recently I posted about our moon centres. The moon has an almighty hip-shaking influence on our moods and feelings, and for women particularly, its effects are strong and can make all the difference to how we’re feeling on any given day. The lunar energy … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of Subagh Kriya for prosperity

Subagh Kriya

So, here we go, 40 days of Subagh Kriya (short version, three minutes each part) for prosperity, tagged elegantly on to the end of my 40 days of the Opportunity And Green Energy Set in January/February (more about that here)… See what I’m doing with … Continue reading

Meet Updesh Kaur: kundalini yoga teacher, sound healer, gong bather and creative spirit

Updesh Kaur

Updesh Kaur has lived all over the UK, and is now settled near Richmond in London. Her early love for athletics, boxing, Tai Chi and running blossomed into a passion for kundalini yoga, which she teaches along with sound healing … Continue reading