What happened in 40 days of Khyan Karab Kriya as a partner meditation…

Gemma Bliss

Any kriya that commandeers the help of the almighty Mul Mantra – that collection of sacred syllables that vibrates the very foundations of our non-dual reality – is set to be pretty earth-shatteringly transformational. And Khyan Karab Kriya is perhaps even more supersonic as … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of Prosperity, Fulfilment and Success Circling the Psyche

Prosperity Fulfilment Success Circling the Psyche

I refer to Prosperity, Fulfilment and Success Circling the Psyche as the helicopter kriya, not just because I’m whirring my Jupiter/index fingers around like a pair of choppers, but because, well, this meditation gives me serious lift-off! Following on from 90 days … Continue reading

Meet Sujan Singh: Co-founder of Yoga Jap kundalini yoga centre in Rome, translator of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings into Italian and serial ‘sadhana surfer’

Sujan Singh

I’m from Rome, Italy. Coming from the information technology field (my job) and different sports played since my childhood, I have been running Yoga Jap with Jot Prakash Kaur since September 2005. We attended a 3-year Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (not … Continue reading