What are the 22 forms of yoga?

22 forms of yoga

‘In yoga, this is how it is: 12 years of hatha plus six years of raja yoga plus three years of mantra yoga, plus one year of laya yoga is equal to the effect of just one year of kundalini … Continue reading

Meeting Sat Dharam Kaur


Our trip to Ontario had a lot of highlights – what a deliciously beautiful part of the world. But one of the shiniest was a class with one of my favourite kundalini yoga teachers, Sat Dharam Kaur. I’ve guzzled so many … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of Pittra Kriya

Pittra Kriya 1

Part of our homework for the Level 2 Stress & Vitality week was 40 days of Pittra kriya. It’s a 33-minute set that ‘completely eats up your stress’ (instructions at end). Practiced every day, it sloughs off years of stored anxiety/ … Continue reading