Beyond Teacher Training: How technology can help us teach kundalini yoga, by Ram Nam Singh

Ram Nam Mauro Corso

Being a kundalini yoga teacher can be challenging. Even with our own yoga and meditation practice to sustain us, at the end of the day (or at the very beginning, in the case of leading a sadhana), it all boils … Continue reading

The road out of fury: 90 days of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves, by Ram Nam Singh

Meditation For A Strong Mind And Calm Nerves

I didn’t realise I was an angry person. It took a kundalini meditation for me to see it. It was during the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Stress And Vitality module. We did the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves … Continue reading

A meeting with Sat Jivan – one of Yogi Bhajan’s original students, by Ram Nam Singh


When I travel around the world (not half as much as I’d like to), I try to visit local kundalini yoga studios, even if I’m not familiar with the language. This was not the case in New York’s Kundalini Yoga East studio, … Continue reading

Yoga to help prepare for marriage: Kriya For The Navel Centre And Elimination by Ram Nam Singh

Navel centre and elimination

My wedding to Irma (Ram Nam Kaur) was set for 8 December 2016. I’d finished a 90-day practice of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves (which brought some very interesting changes) in October, and if I was to start a … Continue reading