A Kriya To Lose Weight. Or not…

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Let me get something straight: I am not interested in weight loss. The idea of a ‘kriya to lose weight’ makes me shudder. Firstly, the words ‘losing’ weight or weight ‘loss’ imply lack rather than the juicy abundance that we should all be out there enjoying.
Secondly, the whole idea of slashing away at the soft tissue of our thighs or belly to subscribe to some media construct of ‘perfection’ is not what we’re here for… so let’s focus on what really matters i.e. engaging with this crazy, magical, inspired experience that is life.

I am, however, all for giving our body the support it needs to find balance… and settling into its ideal weight is an inevitable side-effect of that balance. So that’s what I choose to hear when my students ask me for a kriya to lose weight.

The key to getting it right
What we eat and how we move of course contribute to how our body balances and heals itself. But much of our body’s capacity to realise a balanced weight is down to the fire in our belly. In science, it’s called thermogenesis.
Thermogenesis is the digestive fire that literally burns calories. It’s not the temperature spike that our system experiences after we eat acidic food like sugar or processed food. It’s a constant slow burner, a metaphorical flame in our navel that converts food to fuel on a physical level, and converts life experiences to pearls of wisdom on a metaphorical one.

‘Kriya to lose weight’
Our inner fire cools as we get older, so we need a bit of help to keep it burning bright. Kriya For Adjusting The Heat In The Body (aka Kriya To Lose Weight *shudder*) – instructions below – does just this. It’s a jewel of a kriya in that you can very easily fit it into your day, whether you have three minutes spare, or 33. Each of the three postures can be held for as little as one minute, and up to 11 minutes for the go-getters, but hold them for equal times. For camel pose, take it slow. Tuck your tailbone under, keep pushing your hips forward. For rock pose, sit squarely on your heels. Don’t let them relax out to the sides. You want them to dig into the sit bones/backs of thighs to tap that all-important pressure point that’ll help your digestion. For baby pose, RELAAAAXXXX.

Drink ginger tea
Fresh ginger is the best support for your digestive fire. Eat it every day, or slice it up in hot water and drink it as a tea. Avoid dry ginger powder, or ginger teabags as any form other than fresh dries out your system. Fresh garlic is also a goodie for keeping those fires bright. And one fresh green chilli a day is a must.

Spice up your kapha dosha
An expanding waistline is associated with the kapha dosha in Ayurveda. This is the dosha or temperament that’s associated with coolness, moisture and heaviness. Balance kapha with meals that are flavoured with hot spices like black pepper, chilli and garlic to get your metabolism going. Eat plenty of raw veggies and go for freshly cooked, spicy dhals and kitcheree. Go easy on the oil, dairy, nuts and fruit, although ‘dry’ fruit like apples (love that pectin) and raisins are OK.

Do yoga
Not just for the physical aspect of it (though of course this helps balance the body) but for the awareness that it brings. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It guides us to a deep relationship with our body’s needs, and our mind’s triggers and addictions. Be present when there’s a craving for chocolate. Allow those cravings to illuminate what’s really going on. Use this struggle to learn more about yourself. It’s what yoga’s all about.

And be happy with your beautiful body, just as it is, deliciously dimpled thighs and all.Sat nam.

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