Meet Jai-Jagdeesh, mantra musician with mega-wings


Whenever I play Jai-Jagdeesh’s music in my kundalini yoga classes, I’m inevitably asked: ‘Who, pray tell, was that?’ Well, everyone, it was the wonderfully bright, talented, quirky and humble Jai-Jagdeesh who’s currently singing those same beautiful mantras in a UK city near … Continue reading

Meet Doug Wilson: record-breaking athlete who saved his life with kundalini yoga

Doug Wilson yogigems

At 35 years old, Melbourne-based Doug Wilson is a supersonic running champ, having scored a Guinness World Record for running a marathon on each continent in under a week. He also turned his life around with kundalini yoga after mega … Continue reading

Meet Anand Kirtan – this woman will sing your heart wide open!


Anand Kirtan teaches yoga and makes music in rural Leicestershire, where she moved with her husband and three sons to escape hectic London life. Here she tells us about her sudden awakening, her favourite kriyas and how devotional music has guided her… … Continue reading