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How to wake up on the right side of bed: the yogic wake-up sequence

Gemma BlissThis wake up sequence recharges you and gets you ready to receive the blessings of a beautiful new day. No matter what life delivers, you’ll be ready for it! It’s absolutely worth adopting if not all, then some of it into your daily routine.

Wake up at 4am
Aaargh! But yes, really, do this wake up sequence in the amrit vela – that sweet window between night and day just before sunrise/6am – because we’re very receptive to our spiritual practice at this time. Our mind is as quiet as the world around us. During daylight, we’re influenced and energised by the sun’s rays – our mind is busy, our systems are active. But during the amrit vela, we inhabit that neutral, balanced space that bridges the lunar yin of night from solar yang of day. It’s a jewel of an opportunity not to be missed. And if you’re finding your current kriya or meditation particularly challenging, I highly recommend that you try it during the amrit vela if you’re not already doing so – it makes a big difference.

First thing, rub your palms together to energise them and place them over your eyes. Open your eyes, and keep them open as you draw your palms a few inches from your face. This helps to keep your sight healthy.

Rub the lower abdomen around the ovaries for five minutes (or less if time is an issue), and then around the breasts for five minutes to get the circulation and lymph system going.

Cat stretch & stretch pose
Cat stretch to either side and do one minute of stretch pose to reset the navel – a strong, centred manipura ensures we face our day at our energetic and creative peak!

Cold shower and oil pulling
I keep a bottle of almond oil in the bathroom to massage my body and for oil pulling (swishing the oil around the teeth and gums for 10-15 minutes to draw out toxins) as I take my shower. Remember to spit the dregs of the oil into the compost bin rather than down the sink. Why a cold shower? Here’s why…

Lemon water
My unofficial addition to the wake up sequence! I knock back a pint of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in to rehydrate my body.

Yoga and meditation
Whatever takes your fancy!

And ta-dah! You’re done! Now prepare to shine through your day ahead.

Sat nam x

8 years ago

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