Navel centre and elimination

Yoga to help prepare for marriage: Kriya For The Navel Centre And Elimination by Ram Nam Singh

Navel centre and elimination My wedding to Irma (Ram Nam Kaur) was set for 8 December 2016. I’d finished a 90-day practice of the Meditation For A Calm Mind And Strong Nerves (which brought some very interesting changes) in October, and if I was to start a 40-day practice right after that, I’d finish exactly a week before the wedding. All this was nice and good… the only problem was: what do you do to prepare yourself for a wedding? I always choose kriyas and meditations by intuition ratherthan logic. If I had to choose now, I’d have gone for something else: a set for 
navel-center-and-elimination-2Transforming The Lower Triangle To The Higher Triangle or a kriya to open the
 heart…. but then again: if I’m getting married, isn’t my heart supposed to be open enough? (OK, it is never open enough!). Following my gut instinct (quite literally in this case), I chose a kriya working on the navel point. Nabhi Kriya was a bit too ‘raw’, so I chose a kriya contained in many manuals (including the beloved Heart Centered World), Kriya For The Navel Centre And Elimination.

I didn’t know it then, but time proved this to be the perfect choice. The first few days (as in many yoga stories) were quite uncomfortable. My navel was not half as strong as I had hoped for, and everything around it was screaming for mercy. My hips were aching so much it was painful even walking. But all these symptoms disappeared after a couple of tough mornings, and I could feel myself getting a bit stronger every day. Stretch pose, however, was still a pain for most of the time. I could not hold it with breath of fire for more than 30 seconds, and I could feel I was rather angry with myself about it… by the end of the practice I managed to hold it for a full minute… not many times, but it was OK that way. The road to acceptance is always the toughest.

As I mentioned, this was the perfect kriya. Every wedding requires a lot of micromanaging, an endless list of little tasks that in some way have to fit into your daily routine. In retrospect, this set gave me the will, the energy and the optimism to face every difficulty with a few more smiles, while keeping the anger of ‘everything not going strictly my way’ in check.

The ‘elimination’ part of this kriya is a blessing for the bowels (I am not getting specific on that, but trust me: it works!), and of course it also works on a subtler level. After all, isn’t getting married about sloughing off the ‘old man’ to embrace the ‘new man’ who will live together with the ‘new woman’?

The last part of the kriya is really incredible, because after bringing everything you have, all your energy, to the navel point, it literally shoots it up with a Sat Kriya, breath of fire with arms and legs forward and the Laya Yoga Ek Ong Kar with palms joined above the head. This very last part really brings the transformational qualities of this beautiful kriya to a higher level on many layers. It really has to be experienced – words, as often happens when writing about experiences, are lacking.

It’s not a short kriya, as it takes 36-40 minutes to complete, but I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is going through major changes in life requiring a strong will, calmness and vitality. Even practicing it for a few days in a row is a blessing. One last note: this set also works fine with the sly and constantly changing beast AKA the ego. How? Well, you will have to discover that by yourself.

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