What happened in 40 days of the SuperHealth Meditation…

Superhealth meditation Surinder SinghOne of our assignments for the naad yoga (yoga of sound) training is a daily 17-minute pranayama sequence (instructions below). Prof Surinder Singh (pictured right) calls it the SuperHealth Meditation, and what better time to put to the test its bold promises of action-hero health than in autumn/winter when we’re snorkelling in a delightful vat of flu and cold viruses.

Well, I’m happy to report, seven weeks in, so far so good! There have been plenty of opportunities for lurgies to change hands, but… no norovirus, no sinusitis, no coughs, no colds. I usually get a bout of flu at this time of year, but 2016 – nada. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that as well as a clean bill of health, I have more energy, clearer skin, rosier cheeks. So the SuperHealth Meditation has become a welcome staple in my morning practice. Nish has been doing it with me, and can report the same – so double win.

Instructions for the SuperHealth Meditation

Prof Surinder Singh’s soundtrack to the SuperHealth Meditation is on Spotify. It helps keep the steady rhythm of the breath.
Track 1: Reverse breathing – inhale ‘Sat’ (chest out, belly in) exhale ‘Nam’ (chest in, belly out) (3mins).
Track 2: Slow steady breath of fire, inhale ‘Wahe’ exhale ‘Guru’ (11 mins).
Track 3: Inhale nose, exhale mouth and hold the breath out with the bandhas held for as many of the 16 repetitions of ‘Ek Ong Kar’ as you can. When you need to, inhale, and breathe naturally til the next cycle. Then inhale, exhale and hold etc (3 mins/3 cycles).

Mudra: active gyan mudra (index finger curled inside crook of the thumb)

Mantra: keep the lips closed but tap out the mantras with your tongue.

Eyes: closed.

Happy breathing! Sat nam x

7 years ago