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Six tried-n-tested kundalini yoga techniques for mega-protection

kundalini yoga yogigemsSo many of us are empaths. We take on others’ emotions and moods, and we are easily hurt by a throwaway comment or even just sitting next to someone who’s in a huff. Here are six techniques that will help you to keep your boundaries strong, especially useful if you’re a particularly sensitive soul.

1 Do the Aura Sweep
Whenever we feel fear or shock, or even when we simply question ourselves and doubt our abilities, our electromagnetic field shrinks right back and we’re not as unshakeable as we might be when we’re confident, strong and determined, when our aura, arc line and radiant body are bright and bold. This exercise helps to strengthen and clear the electromagnetic field, rebuilding and repairing it to its strongest and shiniest.

Thank you, Sat Siri, for teaching us this kriya: Sit in a comfortable position with the arms straight and angled 60 degrees down to the sides, fingertips touching the floor. Inhale, sweep the arms up so the hands touch above the head. Exhale, sweep the arms back down, fingertips to the floor. Continue for 3 minutes, shining up your electromagnetic field.

2 Chant the Mangala Charn mantra
‘One small habit is chanting the mantra – Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siree Guru Devay Nameh – one to three times before turning the ignition in your car and driving. It divides the energy just enough and opens up your sensitivity so that you avoid accidents and death. It can be used at the beginning of any journey or to initiate a course of action (it’s often used to open business meetings in dharma-centered communities) just like conscious eating helps digestion. Conscious elevation of your frequency makes the events of life tastier and you’re naturally protected by your own state of awareness and alertness. It is not magic. it is self-mastery in action and habit.’ Extracted from Life Cycles and Lifestyles KRI Level 2 Manual

3 Keep Up A Daily Yoga Practice
Nothing sets us up for the crazy kriya that is our life better than a morning sadhana, or personal practice. If you do only one thing in your day, do your sadhana! Whatever that might be: meditation or yoga or both, be present with yourself, with your breath, work on yourself, dedicate yourself to something bigger. Keep up, and you will be kept up! If you’ve done your sadhana, nothing will be able to touch you.

4 Include Chiia Kriya in your Daily Yoga Practice!
For fans of chia seeds (sorry), the more sensitive souls and those for whom everything has gone a bit awry and need protection on all levels, chiia kriya is a BEAUTIFUL rhythmic 11 minutes of a moving, mantra, mudra meditation. It establishes a vibration of prosperity and invincibility in all directions of your electromagnetic field, so you’re totally covered, no matter what comes your way. Chii-a Kriya instructions on the 3H0 website.

5 Wear a hat
Many of us wear a beanie, scarf or turban to teach or practice kundalini yoga as it protects our crown chakra, that supremely subtle and sensitive centre at the top of the head that is our ‘plug point’ to the universe, to our infinite self, to all that is. Covering it gives some of us a sense of protection, of being held. Here’s more information on why wearing a turban/ head covering is a good idea.

Use this phrase only once when you feel under psychic attack. It calls on the powers of Baba Siri Chand, a timeless kundalini yogi who was last seen in the flesh in the 1500s. The phrase will neutralise negative energy, unwanted sexual advances and even, intriguingly, black magic.

Sat nam x

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