Gemma bliss laxmi

Cash-strapped? Try some kundalini yoga for prosperity

Gemma bliss laxmi
Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of prosperity

Recently I taught a kundalini yoga workshop for abundance, and it lead me to reflect on my own relationship to abundance and prosperity. I remember a time when abundance meant MEGAWEALTH IN CAPITAL LETTERS! It meant winning the lottery (oh yes, I had my lotto tickets on direct debit), and my soon-to-be-bulging bank account would fund a sea-view villa in Bantry Bay, a wardrobe full of Miu Miu and these sunglasses.

Fast forward a few years and my perspective has totally changed. I’ve done a number of prosperity kriyas over the years, like 40 days of Subagh Kriya (I did it with Nish and we both became magnets; Nish for coins, me for opportunities. It really works) and the occasional dip into Opportunity And Green Energy Set and this rather delightful Har Harey Haree meditation that blooms with prosperity, and how about a mega commitment to the Jupiter Meditation For Prosperity. And these have definitely contributed to my evolving relationship with abundance. But I can pinpoint a time when my perspective on wealth fundamentally shifted…

I was in the French alps, on the kundalini yoga teacher training Level 2 Lifestyles and Life Cycles week. One of the themes of this week addresses our genetic/ ancestral/ inherited relationship to wealth, so prosperity was on my mind. I was sitting in a small clearing in the forest, having done a tonne of crazy kriyas, and I was feeling super-bright and fresh. Looking around – it was June, so nature was vibing big time – I started to notice all the wild flowers shining like jewels in the grass beside me. Bees were pottering indulgently between them, tiny spiders as fat as coins clambered up their stems. Golden snails nosed their way across the peaty soil, between little earthy stones of different colours, shapes and sizes. It was Aladdin’s cave! I realised that nature is, in its very essence, abundant. It overflows – that’s just what it does.

And then I started to see how, being of the same essence as mother nature, we are no different. Abundance is our nature. We embody, and are surrounded by, jewelish variety. We swim in pools of endless opportunity, every moment holds a seed of infinite potential. The abundance, the prosperity, the wealth has been there all along just waiting for us to realise it. But rather than looking like an obese wallet, it looks like an ocean of potential, of opportunities. It looks like our needs being met in hugely imaginative – and surprising – ways. It looks like recognising our own, innate wealth. So let’s realise how abundantly prosperous we already are, and be immensely grateful for that.

One of my favourite combos of kundalini yoga for prosperity is the Subagh Kriya (but of course! And I love what Ram Nam Singh says about it here) followed by the meditation below… Such a beautiful, transformative combo. Try it at least every day for a week.

Meditation for Gurprasad from Guru Rattana’s Heart Centred World
(Taught by Yogi Bhajan December 14, 1977)

Sit comfortably in meditation pose and cup the hands together at heart level, palms up, upper arms pressed against rib cage, eyes 1/10 open and allowed to close. Feel that you are asking for a blessing from God. Keep making your spine straighter – (a crooked spine will make one crooked, even in prayer).

Feel that something is dripping to you from the heavens: – the light of God, the flow of life, the supreme energy – whatever you believe in. Jesus Christ is sending you cookies! Or Moses. Or Santa Clause. It doesn’t matter.

Feel something is dropping from above into the cup of your hands. Lower yourself into this hallucination until you start feeling it as a reality. Get into your very simplicity – just ask for simple grace. Do it for just 3 minutes – it cannot be done for a long time. But do it as best you can.

Note: There is a slightly different version of the same meditation – time unlimited and the following comments:
Gurprasad means “gift of the Guru”. As you practice this meditation, feel yourself showered by all the blessings of heaven – health, wealth, happiness, your ultimate caliber and capacity. Just let it happen. Fill your heart and soul with all the bounties of nature. Simply meditate on the boundless flow of the Universal Soul, and feel a deep inflow of spirit. This is a very restful posture. The subtle pressure against the meridian points in the rib cage gives immediate relaxation.

Let us become old, old human beings, centuries old. We used to draw ourselves onto our knees – we never used to stand up in our cave and we had some kind of hair things where we used to sleep, curled up like a dog. Have you seen a dog sleeping? That was the human way of sleeping. Early in the morning a human being would not get up – he would crawl on his knees, come out and sit on his heel or stretch his legs forward. I’m telling you the original, comfortable way of prayer. In Islam they still do it. In their prayers, this prayer exists: At first, everything is an imagination, like a blueprint. Then you start feeling the experience and it becomes the reality. That’s the difference between imagination and reality. Just be simple. You are not simple. That is why it is hard for you to concentrate.

Sat nam x

7 years ago