What happened in 40 days of the Kriya To Make You Enchantingly Beautiful

The enchantingly beautiful Empress in The NeverEnding Story

A kriya to make you enchantingly beautiful? How’s that for a compelling set?! 

We all have our own idea of what ‘enchanting beauty’ might be, and mine was formed by the Empress in the 80s classic The NeverEnding Story – such pearlescent grace! Such a soft, kind face! Such a heady mix of vulnerability and strength! Would this kriya deliver me to such lofty heights? Suitably intrigued by its bold promise and with my #EmpressGoals in place, I undertook an ‘enchantingly beautiful’ challenge, doing this kriya every morning for six weeks.

Over the years, I’ve negotiated my own way past the beauty industry. The media creates such bizarre beauty goals, prizing appearance over radiance and grace. Our deliciously simple naturalness must be adorned with eyelash and hair extensions, hair dye, make-up, nail varnish, highlights, lip fillers, botox blah blah blah. 

Well, my hair is streaked with silver, and I gave up on commercial hair products in 2014. I create my own all-natural face and body oils – it’s much more fun than buying complicated/ expensive elixirs from SpaceNK. My feet have long since given up trying to totter about in heels. And I feel much happier without make-up. Not exactly the beauty industry’s pin-up girl! 

Anyway, I digress… towards the end of my 40-day challenge, I really didn’t feel much different – certainly not imbued with what I’d consider NeverEnding Story-worthy enchanting beauty. I felt myself walking a bit taller – hello, radiant body – and while I’m generally aware of the implicit beauty that comes with a daily yoga practice, I was perhaps more so. But in general, I felt no closer to #EmpressGoals.

So I confided in a fellow yogini. She smiled at me and asked: ‘But why are you doing a kriya to make you enchantingly beautiful? You already are!’
Ha! 🙂 And there it is, a shining gem of a lesson. 
The NeverEnding Story Empress I may not be, but my own silver-streaked empress, yes indeed.Worth 40 days of this enchantingly beautiful kriya to learn such a sweet lesson…

Sat nam x

Kriya from I Am A Woman

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