Entering an abundant marriage with 40 days Subagh Kriya

We chose Subagh Kriya – the prosperity kriya – for our first kriya as a married couple. I’m so glad we did. These 40 days have been so rich with love, abundance, richness, generosity – all the good things that Nish and I associate with previous experiences of 40 days Subagh Kriya.

After all this time, I shouldn’t be so astonished or surprised by the real magic of this practice – by the way it unfolds and shows up in life – but I continue to be!

Following on from our previous six weeks of short nabhi kriya, our 40 days Subagh Kriya fit so perfectly around our wedding day… the wedding was at exactly day 20. The energy that Subagh Kriya has brought to our wedding and honeymoon has been wildly generous. We are both sitting in awe and gratitude in the aftermath. It was truly magical.

But perhaps the most precious thing 40 days Subagh Kriya has brought as our daily sadhana is a beautiful steadiness in the heart of all the whirlwind of wedding arrangements. Ours was a tiny wedding, with all of eight guests. Nonetheless, there was a fair bit of organising and plenty of exciting giddy energy surrounding us in the run-up. It felt like a true balm retreating into our Subagh Kriya every morning. This was our anchor, our rock, the calm in the storm.

And that’s the key really. Developing siddhis (superpowers) or manifesting immense prosperity are really only the happy byproduct of our daily yoga practice. The real gold is in the beautiful stability that our sadhana provides. When the world is going crazy around us, we can touch base with our sadhana, our rock, every day. And in the steady rhythm of this daily practice, where we connect with our inner self, our truth, we can find great stability, grounding and comfort in our self.

I think we could with a little more of that in the current quixotic tides of life!

Photo by the talented Alejandra Sinclair of Bohemia Photos.

Sat nam x

3 years ago