My first ever 40 day meditation…

IMG_0217…became a 120-day meditation!

As part of our Level One Kundalini Teacher Training homework, we had to complete a 31-minute 40 day meditation of our choosing, and journal it. At that time, I practiced a real pick’n’mix of kriyas and meditations in the mornings, but I had never done a continuous 40 day practice, and I was so daunted by the thought of a six-week daily commitment looming over me.

Well, today I found the lovely little journal that documented my process! And it brought back so many sweet memories. The meditation I chose was Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung, holding Mother Earth in my healing prayers. Reading back on my experience reminds me how profoundly humbled I was by it – chanting the Siri Gaitri Mantra for Mother Earth brought so much compassion, empathy and gratitude into my heart that on most days I had tears streaming down my cheeks. It opened my heart so wide, and filled me with SO MUCH LOVE. And of course, I didn’t stop at 40 days… I chugged right on through to 120 days! Here are a few of my posts…

Day 1
At first I was self-conscious about chanting and forgot to pull my navel on So & Hung. Started to whisper along and found it easier. It’s an exquisite mantra. I chose this meditation because the first time I heard it, I cried. I feel calm and purified now. ‘Certain mantras are to be cherished like the most rare and beautiful gem.’

Day 40
It’s day 40 and it feels as if this is just the beginning! SO MUCH LOVE! It’s as if my heart opened and filled my body with love’s pure, radiant essence. A sublime gentleness but SO STRONG. Emotion arose from the enormity of it. I am so blessed. Thank you. Sat nam.

Day 90
Overwhelming gratitude and love for mother Earth. I used different music today and it renewed my love for this incredible meditation that I’m so blessed to be doing. Sat nam Wahe Guru! Thank you.

Day 120
Wowee! What a journey; my heart has opened, I have learnt compassion and gratitude, my appreciation for the earth for all she gives has blossomed, and my relationship with her and myself is much more loving. It has humbled and nurtured me. I am forever grateful. Wahe Guru!

Happy to have remembered this sweet time! If you feel called to do this 40 day meditation yourself, you can find Snatam Kaur’s version of the mantra here: (just play on repeat for 31 minutes). Instructions for the Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Sey So Hung meditation are here.

Sat nam x

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8 years ago