What happened in 40 days of Khyan Karab Kriya as a partner meditation…

Gemma Bliss

Any kriya that commandeers the help of the almighty Mul Mantra – that collection of sacred syllables that vibrates the very foundations of our non-dual reality – is set to be pretty earth-shatteringly transformational. And Khyan Karab Kriya is perhaps even more supersonic as … Continue reading

Take your relationship to the next level with a Venus kriya…


One of the challenges of White Tantric Yoga is that it’s done with a partner. This doubles the pressure, because not only are we keeping up for ourselves, we’re keeping up for each other too. Suddenly it’s not just about me and … Continue reading

What happened in 40 days of Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya as a partner kriya

adi shakti partner

We did the Reverse Adi Shakti kriya – a short ‘n’ sweet set that blesses you with self love – in France with Amrit Nam Sarovar last year. But Kartar Singh put a cheeky spin on it as he is wont … Continue reading