Meet Har Anand: one of Europe’s very few gatka teachers – and he’s on the look-out to recruit more!

Har Anand Gatka

I was introduced to gatka, the Sikh martial art, by Leipzig-based gatka teacher Har Anand. It’s energetic, rhythmic, fast-flowing and challenging – embodying our inner warrior, we come face to face with our shadow, wrestling it with hands, wooden staves and swords – sounds aggressive, … Continue reading

Meet Patwant Rhodes: South African Reiki master, poet, mother and kundalini yoga teacher

White Tantric

Cape Town-based Patwant has been teaching kundalini yoga since 2001, from private one-to-ones to workshops at the European KY Festival to classes in a male ward in a government-funded psychiatric hospital. Last year she released a poetry and meditation anthology. Here she tells the fascinating … Continue reading