Five simple ways to boost your radiance

Gemma Bliss yogigemsOur radiant body is our lightbulb in kundalini yoga teachings. It sits just on the edge of our aura, and beams out our essence, our brilliance, our sublime light. When it’s strong, we’re at 100W and all can sense our presence. We are noticed, listened to and others gravitate towards us for guidance, which our radiant body gives us the courage and clarity to provide. Those with a strong radiant body are effortlessly charismatic – they’re the woman in the yoga class that we’re subtly drawn to. Or the man sitting near us in the cafe that we’re intrigued by. Or Beyoncé.
A few factors can inhibit our radiant body. Fear, guilt and shame are the obvious contenders and rope our radiance right back. Also, smoking clouds it, booze dampens it, and self-doubt is a killer – we need to nip that in the bud as soon as it arises and change it for a positive, self-affirming attitude. And sitting up straight… try it now… see?! 
So here’s how to strengthen our radiant body and polish up our presence…

1. Respect your hair
You know how you feel when you’ve had a bad haircut? Urgh. I had a really bad fringe cut many years ago. Scream. I felt totally disempowered – I’d gone from feeling like a woman to a five-year-old in one deft snip. It was very irrational, but I still have nightmares. And notice how a good hair day is, well, a good day? (And if it’s not, hello turban!) That’s because our hair is linked to our radiant body.

Trimming our tresses curtails our radiant body, so let it grow! Furthermore, chuck your chemical-laden serums and your heat-damaging stylers, and allow your crowning glory be as wild and luscious and crazy as it wants to be. Look after it with regular almond, sesame or coconut oil treatments, smooth split ends by finger-combing a few drops of argan oil through the ends.

Also brush your hair with a wooden comb every morning and evening. The wooden, or at least natural, part is important as it’s a much gentler way to ‘comb out the knots’ in our electromagnetic field – plastic brushes do nothing to help our hair or our radiant body. I’ve been using a wooden comb for years now, and it’s one of the things I’d save if my house was burning down. The Body Shop does a good one. So in other words, go totally au naturel with your hair styling, and your crowning glory will thank you for it by boosting your radiant body.

2. Wear jewellery
One of my favourite teachers wears the most luxuriously bejewelled rings and fascinatingly dramatic necklaces with big juicy stones when he gets up to teach… and he’s the kind of teacher that everyone sits up and listens to. That’s because adornment enhances the radiant body. Explore what stones and crystals resonate with you and incorporate them in your jewellery.

Mala necklaces are a beautifully conscious way to boost your radiant body – choose crystals and stones that resonate with your numerology (get in touch with Ram Nam or Teja to find out more). In terms of precious metals, there’s nothing more radiant body-boosting than gold. I love a dangly earring to boost my radiance.

3. Stock up on white clothing
White – which embodies all of the colours of the rainbow spectrum – boosts up our radiant body like no other. I only have to wear my kundalini yoga whites out on the street to see how people sit up and take notice. Here’s an example: I usually take the Tube when I travel to teach kundalini yoga, and sometimes that’s in rush hour. Now those of us who have travelled in London’s commuting times know that, more often than not, we’ll find ourself wedged into someone’s armpit. Read: it’s not fun. However, when I’m wearing my whites, nine times out of 10, I’m offered a seat. (And again, those of us who have travelled on the London Underground in rush hour know that this NEVER happens). So, thanks radiant body!

Set for keep up spiritset_for_keep-up_spirit24. Try the Set For Keep Up Spirit
from Yoga For Prosperity by Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa p73)

If anything can turbo-power your radiance factor, it’s a daily practice of kundalini yoga – any kundalini yoga. You don’t even need to do a kriya specifically for the radiant body – also known as the 10th body, but this deliciously comprehensive kriya – The Set For Keep Up Spirit – is a great all rounder specifically geared to sprucing up your radiance.

5. Do archer pose
No time for a full kriya in the morning? This is THE kundalini yoga go-to for the radiant body. With this posture comes courage and resilience, which are qualities that resonate strongly with our radiance. Stepping into archer pose, we embody the spiritual warrior, shining with grace and tenacity. It brings through the energy of the 10th Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh, who was known for his gentle but strong soldierly qualities. If I have a big event and I really want to shine for it, I’ll do archer for 11 minutes on each side, chanting Gobinde Mukande (Breath of Fire or chanting Har are also good accompaniments for archer), and WOW does it work – it sets me on fire (not literally). Start with three minutes each side and build up – you will absolutely notice how it affects your radiance.

Happy shining! Sat nam x

7 years ago