Your go-to kundalini yoga stress backpack

We were given an Aladdin’s cave of valuable gems in the Level 2 Vitality & Stress module, and one of them was a kundalini yoga stress backpack: a go-to collection of six techniques to turn to when the going gets tough.

Once you’ve truffled through this lot – number four is one you can do discreetly on a crowded train, number five is a very successful way to totally obliterate any AAAARGH thoughts and reset your mind – the next step is to tattoo them onto the inside of your skull and refer to them when you or someone you can help is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or disconnected.

It’s recommended to practice the 6th one – chanting the Mul Mantra – daily for 90 days to snuff out any trace of stress in your body. And there’s always the lovely Pittra Kriya – a total winner when it comes to long-term stress relief.

So back to the kundalini yoga stress backpack… here are the meditations to fatten up your toolkit!
You’re very welcome.

Kundalini yoga stress backpack meditation 1 Stress backpack meditation for stress and sudden shock Stress backpack meditation 3 Stress backpack meditation 4 Stress backpack meditation 5 Stress backpack meditation 6

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