Jupiter meditation for prosperity

What happened in 40 weeks of the Jupiter Meditation For Prosperity

Jupiter meditation for prosperityThe Jupiter Meditation For Prosperity should be practiced on the same day of the week, at the same time every week. I took it on for a 40-week challenge. It takes some strategic planning (read: the time I did it in a taxi on the way to the airport) and a hefty dose of dedication (read: waking up an hour earlier than normal sadhana once a week to fit it around your daily practice). But yes, it’s worth your unwavering steadiness. 

My relationship with this meditation was less about generating prosperity (let’s be honest, there are easier ways – Subagh kriya for example) and more about dedication, commitment and faith. My lengthy Thursday sadhanas became like beads on the mala of my self-development, a chance to converse with the version of me that was sitting on the sheepskin at this same time last Thursday, and the Thursday before that – and the versions of me on those Thursdays rolling out ahead. The 62 minutes pass quickly, mostly.

Every week has brought different jewels. Incredible epiphanies and inspired insights swim into my mind during this meditation. Since I started in March 2016, my creative adventures have sky-rocketted, not least this blog which I LOVE writing and inviting others to share on. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been a walk in the park and the rebel in me consistently questioned WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS AGAAAAIIIINNN THIS WEEK?!?!?!? but my dedication to this practice, to this journey, always comes up trumps and somehow I’m carried through it.

So, thank you Jupiter Meditation For Prosperity. With a lot of love and gratitude, I encourage everyone to invite this weekly meditation into their life.

Sat nam x


Sitting in easy pose, Jupiter fingers linked and the other fingers relaxed. The palm of your left hand is facing the ground, and the palm of the right hand is facing the body. Keep the forearms parallel to the ground at the height of the heart chakra. Pull vigorously without breaking your wrists says Yogi Bhajan. See image above.

Concentration: On the tip of your nose

Pranayama: Inhale, in stages through pursed lips until your lungs are full. Exhale through the nose in one go, long and deep.

Music: The gaiatri mantra HAR HAR HAR HAR GOBINDE by Nirinjan Kaur and Prem Singh.

Time: 55 minutes as directed above, maintaining a firm posture.
5 minutes bring the arms above the head with Venus lock. (the arms should be rounded)
2 minutes bring the hands in Venus lock in front of the navel. Total time 62 minutes.

To finish: Shake your arms above your head.

This meditation must be done once a week at the same time on the same day for a minimum of 40 weeks.

Comments: This is a technique given by Yogi Bhajan to overcome our limits, those that we place upon ourselves, sometimes unconsciously, in time and space. Thus we limit the opportunities in a space constrained by our imagination (our preconceptions).

This kriya is called the ‘Jupiter Meditation’ because this planet governs KNOWLEDGE. Regular practice will develop endurance and access unexpected opportunities. It dissolves tensions accumulated over years (something lacking). Prosperity is a state of mind in which a human being is centred letting the light of the soul shine. Spirit is the most powerful creative tool.

When God sends Soul on a journey in this incarnation, it asks him ‘how will I remember you, how can I stay linked to you?’

God gave it a mind, MANAS, saying: ‘with this you can be as close or as far from me as you like!’

In this case the mind in controlled by the action joined to the mantra and pranayama, thus the totality of your being can be expressed thanks to the power of the spirit.

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